Pallet Style Wood Signs

The pallet style sign is a timeless classic! Add a personal touch to your home décor with this beautifully rustic piece. Guests can choose from over 100 design options and completely customize their sign with the help of an experience instructor. From the design to the stain color -- you DIY!

Browse through just a few of the projects completed at recent workshops at The Paint Pallet.

PS-1325 (Love You Dearly) 14"x24"

PS-1311 (Laundry Sucks) 14"x24"

PS-1021 (Texas Home) 14"x14"

PS-1003 (Vibe Tribe) 14"x14"

PS-1204 (GPS Coordinates) 24"x8"

PS-1323 (HOME) 14"x24"

PS-1302 (Family Established) 14"x24"

PS-1211 (Laundry Co.) 24"x8"

PS-1032 (Then Sings My Soul) 14"x14"

PS-1213 (Market) 24"x8"

PS-1013 (Wreath Monogram) 14"x14"

PS-1323 (HOME) 14"x24"

PS-1220 (This Is Us) 24"x8"

PS-1329 (Farmer's Market) 14"x24"

PS-1024 (Bless Our Home) 14"x14"

PS-1035 (Humble & Kind) 14"x14"

PS-1330 (Party Of) 14"x24"

PS-1307 (On the Porch) 14"x24"

PS-1025 (Coffee & Jesus) 14"x14"

PS-1326 (Life is a Journey) 14"x24"

PS-1301 (Antlers Monogram) 14"x24"