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The Paint Pallet is a mobile creative studio bringing DIY Workshops to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are a local, small business and know the importance of working with other small businesses to grow and succeed together in our community.

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Partner Benefits

Free Advertising
Let's face it, attracting new customers can cost you money. When you partner with the Paint Pallet, there is absolutely no cost to you!

Increase Sales
A pallet art party in your establishment could potentially bring in an additional $300 - $500 in food & beverage sales on a slow night. Our guests typically purchase a couple drinks and appetizers.

New Clientele
We can help drive new customers to your place of business. We have a large customer base looking for regular, public DIY workshops locally.

Repeat Business
Restaurants, bars & wineries thrive on regular and repeat business. Our DIY Workshops give your customers another reason to visit your establishment.

What you can expect...

We want to make this as easy as possible for you, so we will handle just about everything! Venue Partners will be responsible for providing the space and promoting the event with us. In addition to providing a fun, unique art experience that will ensure repeat business for your establishment, The Paint Pallet will:
  • Provide a digital advertisement for printing/sharing;
  • Promote the event across all of our social media channels and email subscribers;
  • Manage all online registrations via our website;
  • Setup/clean up after the event.


Contact us to book your pallet art event at one of these venues.


Denton, Texas

accommodates up to 12 people


Frisco, Texas

accommodates up to 20 people

The Paint Pallet has had the pleasure of bringing a fun art experience to the following communities and churches in the area.

Contact us to discuss an event for your residential community, church or group.